The perfect Valentine’s gift for anyone

Valentine’s Day seems to be a holiday that many people struggle with when it comes to gift giving. When we were all younger we exchanged cute valentines of our favorite characters to all our friends. Now, we’re older and dating, or married, and something tells me a cute valentine of TV characters will simply not do.

But do not worry! I have found the perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day, or any holiday really. Best of all, anyone can be creative enough to do it. And it won’t empty your wallet.

Baskets! That’s your answer. Gift baskets have been around for a while. There are even some companies that will put together baskets for you and deliver them to their destination, such as Gourmet Gift Baskets or Jackie’s Baskets. However, companies like these tend to be kind of pricy. To avoid the expensive cost of baskets I’m going to show you how you can make your own gift baskets for cheap!

My favorite place for gift basket shopping is Target. It offers a variety of inexpensive items in its dollar section that work great for a project like this.

First, you need to find a basket for all your goodies. The following two pictures are baskets that were both purchased from the Target dollar section.

photo         photo

These baskets each cost only $3. Once you have your basket you can begin stuffing them.

There are three simple rules when it comes to basket making:

  1. Pick a theme.
  2. Purchase one or two nice items. For example, a gift card, nail polish, T-shirt, phone case, etc.
  3. Browse the dollar section at Target. It always offers useful things to choose from!

These baskets cost less than $25 but are such a great hit. Take your nice items and combine them with the simple items. Load them in your basket and you’ve got a home-run gift!

Need more Valentine’s Day ideas?

Check out for some wonderful gifts you can order or for

inspiration to find your own gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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