How to Repair Tarnished Gold Jewelry

Every girl loves her costume jewelry. It is easy to find exactly what you are looking for, very inexpensive, and you can own such a variety. But what happens when your favorite gold necklace or bracelet starts to tarnish? Because these pieces are costume jewelry they can lose their shine and beauty quickly if you wear them often. But I found a way to repair almost any piece of gold jewelry you have.


The best part is, it’s a very inexpensive fix. All you need is a can of Krylon Premium 18kt. Gold Metallic Spray Paint.

photo 2


Take your tarnished jewelry and give it 1-2 even coats of this paint and you will have your jewelry looking as good as new.

*Make sure to shake the can well before spraying otherwise you won’t get the full metallic effect.

After you’ve done this you can spray a coat of gloss finishing paint to give it a little bit more shine. I just opted not to on this piece.


Happy Crafting!


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