How to Repair Tarnished Gold Jewelry

Every girl loves her costume jewelry. It is easy to find exactly what you are looking for, very inexpensive, and you can own such a variety. But what happens when your favorite gold necklace or bracelet starts to tarnish? Because these pieces are costume jewelry they can lose their shine and beauty quickly if you wear them often. But I found a way to repair almost any piece of gold jewelry you have.


The best part is, it’s a very inexpensive fix. All you need is a can of Krylon Premium 18kt. Gold Metallic Spray Paint.

photo 2


Take your tarnished jewelry and give it 1-2 even coats of this paint and you will have your jewelry looking as good as new.

*Make sure to shake the can well before spraying otherwise you won’t get the full metallic effect.

After you’ve done this you can spray a coat of gloss finishing paint to give it a little bit more shine. I just opted not to on this piece.


Happy Crafting!


How to make a button bracelet

I seem to be obsessed with bracelets here lately. Don’t worry, I promise to provide more variety when it comes to jewelry making in the near future. But today I am going to show you how to make the cutest button bracelet. It is quick, easy and affordable!

Your supplies:

  • buttons (vintage or new, it doesn’t matter) What are you going to do with all the extra buttons you have lying around? Check out Saved By Love Creations for some great ideas. 
  • waxed cotton cord (pictured below)

This process is really very simple. Here are your step-by-step directions!

1.  Take a piece of wax cord cut about a foot long and fold it in half. Then tie a simple loop knot. (This loop knot will serve as you clasp to connect the bracelet once you have finished it. Make sure it isn’t too small/big.)


2. Next, pick out your buttons. I like to lay mine out a head of time just so I can find a pattern I like. Then begin to string the buttons on using the two strings. As you can see, on the buttons with just two holes I tied a little loop just to make sure they would not shift. Continue placing the buttons on until you reach your desired length for a bracelet.


3. Once you are done, the back should look like this. When you reach the last button, tie a few tight knots so that the button will stay in place. Then cut the ends of the string off.


4. Last but not least, you end up with this beauty.


Use the loop you originally tied to close off the bracelet with the final button.

Such a simple DIY bracelet and you can make it to fit your style perfectly!

Are you on a bracelet kick just like I am? Check out Henry Happened or Trinkets in Bloom.

Contact me if you have any creative DIY jewelry projects!

Happy Crafting!

How to make a beaded safety pin bracelet

Designer jewelry can be so expensive! I am always looking for ways to achieve a designer look for less. This week I was inspired to explore beading. I did so in an unconventional way though. Rather than beading on string, I used safety pins and I achieved this stylish look. 

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Here are your step-by-step directions!

What you’ll need:

  • small beads (Looking for specific beads? Check out DesignerBeads)
  • safety pins
  • elastic string
  • clear nail polish (to seal off the tie of the string)

photo I purchased all of the supplies at Michaels.

1. Start with your open safety pin (be careful not to poke yourself) and put beads on the open end.



Do this until you have around 40 beaded safety pins.

2. Then, cut two pieces of the elastic string. I cut mine about 8 inches long; you want to make sure you have enough left over string to tie the knot once all the safety pins are on.


3. String one of the pieces of string through one end of all the safety pins. Make sure you use the same end for all the safety pins.

Then, do the same with the other piece of string on the other end of the safety pins.

4. Then, tie the two ends of the first string together and the two ends of the second string together. You’ll then have something like this.


5. Now the easy part. Tie your knots a few times, to be sure they won’t come apart. Then cut your excess string.

6. Last, seal your knots with a drop of clear nail polish.

Now you’ve made your own designer knock off! You’re sure to get a lot of compliments when you wear this beauty!

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Want some more beading inspiration? 

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Happy Crafting!

Have you done any safety pin crafts recently? I am looking for some more safety pin jewelry. If you find any, or make some on your own, let me know. I love to see others creative juices flowing!