A Pinterest inspired Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving only a few short weeks away, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips and tricks for a Pinterest inspired Thanksgiving.

In my opinion, holiday decorations are in the little details. So here are my top favorite “little details” to spruce up your home this Thanksgiving season!

1. Painted Pumpkins

While carving pumpkins is great, it is slowly becoming a thing of the past. You carve a pumpkin for Halloween and within a few short days it begins to mold and ends up in the trash. Now you are left with no pumpkin decorations and money in the trash.

I painted three small pumpkins this year. They added beautiful decoration to my room and lasted well over a month! The other great thing about pumpkin painting is that you can design it any way that you’d like! Check out Pinterest for some stunning painted pumpkins to provide you with inspiration!


2. A Thanksgiving Banner

I have been in multiple homes this Thanksgiving season where they have had a banner of some sort across their fireplace mantle or on a big window. The great thing about a banner is that they are easy to make, inexpensive, and you can use it every year.

All of the banners I have seen were made with burlap. Although, there are many tutorials that can be found online. I plan on making one to use every Thanksgiving by following I Heart Nap Time’s tutorial.

This tutorial uses stencils and paint to draw the letters, however, I have seen banners done by printing of letters, cutting them out, and gluing them on. Another option may be iron on letters. Give this project a chance! There is a lot of room for creativity.

Banner sayings:

Count Your Blessings


Happy Thanksgiving


3. Thanksgiving Dinner Table Name Tags

While this detail is small and definitely not necessary, I think it is a great idea if you are going to have a large group over for Thanksgiving dinner. I helps you to make sure you have enough seats and it gives a personal touch to your decorations.

4. Thankfulness List Place Setting

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is hearing what each person is thankful for. In years past, we have gone around the room and said aloud what we were thankful for, or we’ve written it on a little piece of paper. But this year I am going to kill two birds with one stone. To add decoration I am going to get brown butcher paper and cut out place mats and write on them “I am thankful for:.” Then I’ll let the guests write what they are thankful for. I got this idea from Pinterest.

The reason I love it so much is because it will save your tablecloth from some terrible stains, provide some more decoration for the table, and allow the guests the opportunity to share what they are thankful for in a unique way.

These ideas are simple and unnecessary but they will add so much to your Thanksgiving decorations.

I hope that you’ll give these a try. Let me know how you decorate for Thanksgiving! I am always looking for new ways to spruce up the home for the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Crafting!


The best way to teach children with art

Children play such a huge part in our world today.  They are the future generations that will take over for us once we are gone.  That being said it is important that we raise up Godly children to be Godly men and women.  One of the best ways to teach children about God, and just good morals in general, is through art.  Art has been proven to be a great method of teaching and therapy.  Schools, hospitals and parents all over the world use art for fun and teaching. I have a few good tips for all you crafters out there to use when it comes to working with children.

1. The simplest of crafts will entertain kids. Examples: coloring pages, paper airplanes, etc. Don’t stress over crafts for your kids, anything can entertain them if you make it seem exciting!

2. Companies like Oriental Trading or ABC Distributing offer great craft supplies. They typically come prepackaged and individually wrapped which makes for an easy set up and clean up. You an also buy in bulk for parties or Vacation Bible Schools.

3. Turn to Pinterest! There are so many great ideas for crafts made of things that you probably have sitting around your house.

4. There are a ton of FREE coloring pages offered online for nearly any event/activity you could think of! Just Google free coloring pages, and the opportunities are endless.

Crafting is also a great way to stimulate children’s minds.  It encourages and strengthens creativity in ways nothing else can do. With summer coming up, I encourage you to plan 3 or 4 crafts that you and the kids can do together a week.

If you find any great children’s crafts, let me know! I’d love to see what you guys can come up with!

Happy Crafting!

How to make a banner for any occasion

I love throwing parties! I have so much fun decorating, designing, and planning for a party. I have discovered that decorations go a long way. They can make or break a party! However, I am fully aware of how expensive decorations can be. It’s ridiculous! I think that I may have found a solution to expensive decorations. A banner can go a long way at a party, celebration, or just decoration for the holidays. Possibly the best part of this solution is that it is absolutely free!


Shanty-2-Chic has a wonderful link to FREE printable letters!

Here, you can find every letter and some punctuation to make any banner you want.


  • construction paper
  • your printed-out letters
  • rubber cement
  • scissors
  • clothespins
  • ribbon

1. Cut out your letters along the black lines. Then paint some rubber cement onto your triangle-shaped letter and glue it to a full sheet of construction paper (you could also use burlap for a fancier look).


2. Then using scissors, cut the excess construction paper off so that it leaves a border around the triangle. If you own a cutting board, this would be a fantastic time to use it!

3. Then take your letters, some ribbon and some clothespins to complete your banner. I used mini clothespins that I bought at Target.


4. I would recommend laying out the ribbon on the floor then connecting the letters with the clothespins and lastly hanging it on the wall.

Now you have all you need to make a banner for any and every occasion! Your banner will be the talk of the party!

For more party planning ideas and tips to throw the greatest party check out Hostess with the Mostess

Happy Crafting!