Melted crayon art tips

Over the past year, melted crayon art has become very popular. In my quest to find different craft projects to do, I stumbled upon a type of crayon art that creates an impressionistic painting. I should have known it was too good to be true!

Photo Credit- The Full Moxie

Photo Credit- The Full Moxie

(Feel free to follow the tutorial to the craft above.)

Needless to say, when I attempted this beautiful artwork it did not work at all. So I figured a good idea for this week would be tips to make the perfect crayon art.

If you decide to try the crayon art above, here are some things I would have done differently.

  1. I would have broken the crayons into much smaller pieces. Much smaller than seems necessary.
  2. I also would not have used as many crayon pieces. A little bit goes a long way.
  3. I wish I would have realized how runny the crayons will become. When I melted them with the iron, I thought it would melt to a gooey substance. However, it becomes very runny, so make sure you do this project on a thick layer of newspaper so that you don’t ruin anything.

Here are some general melted crayon art tips:

1. The best way to peel a crayon is to use an X-acto knife to cut the wrapper off.

photo       photo

2. With the blow drying technique, make sure you don’t overheat the crayons, because it will become too runny.

3. Lastly, the brand of crayon may play into the final product. I would advise trying different products to see if that helps to get your desired result.

Please let me know if you discover unique melted crayon art. I’d love to get to the bottom of the best way to do melted crayon art! Let me see your masterpieces!

Happy Crafting!


How to make the perfect summer t-shirt


With Summer just around the corner, girls all over the country are preparing for beach season. They are gathering their tanning oils, buying new bathing suits and working out to get that “beach bod.” All of this can get pricey, and that is just the beginning! One thing that girls tend to drop way too much money on is bathing suit cover-ups. However, I have found a perfect solution. I’m all about comfort. But how great is it that I can get comfort and style in this simple T-shirt cover-up. Whether you’re working in the yard, hanging out on the lake or headed to the beach for the day, this cover up looks great on anyone.


  • 1 old or new t-shirt (Hobby Lobby or Michaels sells t-shirts of every color for very cheap)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

1. First, take your t-shirt and lay it flat on the ground. Then, cut the sleeves and the bottom off, as pictured below.

photo       photo

2. Next, take your shirt and fold it in half to make sure you cut the sleeves and the collar even.


3. The previous step might take some time. Just use your scissors and trim away till you have the sleeves as thin/wide as you’d like them and the collar is even. Next take the bottom piece of the shirt that you cut off and cut it into two strips.


4. Now take these two strips that you just cut and wrap them around the sleeves of the t-shirt. Once you have done that, you will sew the end of the strip to the inside of the sleeve in order to secure it in place.

photo     photo

5. Once you have sewed one strip around each sleeve, you’re finished! You end up with a very elegant knot on the shoulder and cute t-shirt that you paid nothing for!

photo      photo

This is such an easy project that everyone can enjoy! For more t-shirt ideas, check out Divine Caroline.

If you try a different t-shirt recycling project let me know! I’d love to see your creations.

Happy Crafting!

How to make wooden picture plaques

Moving to college this year, I have had the opportunity to redecorate in a way that I never did at home. Also due to the fact that I am in college, I need to decorate on a budget! For people of all ages and incomes, decorating can be outrageously expensive! One of the greatest ways to decorate a room or home is with pictures of the people you love most. However, you hit a roadblock again because frames are so expensive. But there is a new and simple way to frame pictures that is becoming very popular. Wooden picture plaques are a great way to add zest to any room and can be done with very little money and time!


Here is what you will need:

  • 4×6 wooden plaques (They can be purchased at Michaels)
  • ModPodge
  • Amazing GOOP- Craft Arte (or any contact adhesive)
  • sponge brush
  • ribbon
  • 4×6 pictures
  • paint
  • sandpaper (If you have never used sandpaper, check out 5 Tips to Using Sandpaper.)

1. First, you need to paint your wooden plaques. I painted mine gray.

photo         photo

Let them dry completely before continuing to the next step.

2. I wanted a vintage or worn look to my wood so after I painted them I used some sandpaper to take away some of the paint. Here is what mine looked like after I used the sandpaper.


3. Now you are ready to glue the picture down. First, you need to apply a generous coat of ModPodge to the wood using a sponge brush. This is what mine looked like with the ModPodge.

photo   photo

Now go ahead and place your photo on the center of the plaque and apply another coat of ModPodge over the picture.


Apply ModPodge generously!

4. If you want to apply a second layer of ModPodge you can, but be sure that the first coat is COMPLETELY dry. Otherwise, the ModPodge will get clumpy. For even better results apply one coat ModPodge and one coat High Gloss Varnish.  Once again, make sure the ModPodge is totally dry before you apply the varnish.

This is the varnish I used. It will protect the paint from chipping and keep the color from fading.


*Make sure the ModPodge is completely dry before applying this.*

5. Now you are ready to attach the ribbon. Measure how you want your picture to hang so know how short/long to cut the ribbon. Mine were probably close to a foot long. Then, use Amazing Goop, or any strong adhesive, to glue the ribbon to the back on the plaques. Use a ruler to make sure you have the ribbon spaced out evenly on both sides.

photo     photo

6. Now just give them a couple hours to dry and then they are ready to go up on your walls!


If you want more picture plaque inspiration check out Stay at Home Who?

Show me what your finished picture plaques look like! I can’t wait to see them!

Happy Crafting!

How to make a button bracelet

I seem to be obsessed with bracelets here lately. Don’t worry, I promise to provide more variety when it comes to jewelry making in the near future. But today I am going to show you how to make the cutest button bracelet. It is quick, easy and affordable!

Your supplies:

  • buttons (vintage or new, it doesn’t matter) What are you going to do with all the extra buttons you have lying around? Check out Saved By Love Creations for some great ideas. 
  • waxed cotton cord (pictured below)

This process is really very simple. Here are your step-by-step directions!

1.  Take a piece of wax cord cut about a foot long and fold it in half. Then tie a simple loop knot. (This loop knot will serve as you clasp to connect the bracelet once you have finished it. Make sure it isn’t too small/big.)


2. Next, pick out your buttons. I like to lay mine out a head of time just so I can find a pattern I like. Then begin to string the buttons on using the two strings. As you can see, on the buttons with just two holes I tied a little loop just to make sure they would not shift. Continue placing the buttons on until you reach your desired length for a bracelet.


3. Once you are done, the back should look like this. When you reach the last button, tie a few tight knots so that the button will stay in place. Then cut the ends of the string off.


4. Last but not least, you end up with this beauty.


Use the loop you originally tied to close off the bracelet with the final button.

Such a simple DIY bracelet and you can make it to fit your style perfectly!

Are you on a bracelet kick just like I am? Check out Henry Happened or Trinkets in Bloom.

Contact me if you have any creative DIY jewelry projects!

Happy Crafting!

The perfect Valentine’s gift for anyone

Valentine’s Day seems to be a holiday that many people struggle with when it comes to gift giving. When we were all younger we exchanged cute valentines of our favorite characters to all our friends. Now, we’re older and dating, or married, and something tells me a cute valentine of TV characters will simply not do.

But do not worry! I have found the perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day, or any holiday really. Best of all, anyone can be creative enough to do it. And it won’t empty your wallet.

Baskets! That’s your answer. Gift baskets have been around for a while. There are even some companies that will put together baskets for you and deliver them to their destination, such as Gourmet Gift Baskets or Jackie’s Baskets. However, companies like these tend to be kind of pricy. To avoid the expensive cost of baskets I’m going to show you how you can make your own gift baskets for cheap!

My favorite place for gift basket shopping is Target. It offers a variety of inexpensive items in its dollar section that work great for a project like this.

First, you need to find a basket for all your goodies. The following two pictures are baskets that were both purchased from the Target dollar section.

photo         photo

These baskets each cost only $3. Once you have your basket you can begin stuffing them.

There are three simple rules when it comes to basket making:

  1. Pick a theme.
  2. Purchase one or two nice items. For example, a gift card, nail polish, T-shirt, phone case, etc.
  3. Browse the dollar section at Target. It always offers useful things to choose from!

These baskets cost less than $25 but are such a great hit. Take your nice items and combine them with the simple items. Load them in your basket and you’ve got a home-run gift!

Need more Valentine’s Day ideas?

Check out for some wonderful gifts you can order or for

inspiration to find your own gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How to make a beaded safety pin bracelet

Designer jewelry can be so expensive! I am always looking for ways to achieve a designer look for less. This week I was inspired to explore beading. I did so in an unconventional way though. Rather than beading on string, I used safety pins and I achieved this stylish look. 

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Here are your step-by-step directions!

What you’ll need:

  • small beads (Looking for specific beads? Check out DesignerBeads)
  • safety pins
  • elastic string
  • clear nail polish (to seal off the tie of the string)

photo I purchased all of the supplies at Michaels.

1. Start with your open safety pin (be careful not to poke yourself) and put beads on the open end.



Do this until you have around 40 beaded safety pins.

2. Then, cut two pieces of the elastic string. I cut mine about 8 inches long; you want to make sure you have enough left over string to tie the knot once all the safety pins are on.


3. String one of the pieces of string through one end of all the safety pins. Make sure you use the same end for all the safety pins.

Then, do the same with the other piece of string on the other end of the safety pins.

4. Then, tie the two ends of the first string together and the two ends of the second string together. You’ll then have something like this.


5. Now the easy part. Tie your knots a few times, to be sure they won’t come apart. Then cut your excess string.

6. Last, seal your knots with a drop of clear nail polish.

Now you’ve made your own designer knock off! You’re sure to get a lot of compliments when you wear this beauty!

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Want some more beading inspiration? 

Katie’s Beading Blog

Cozy Sister’s Jewelry Making Blog

Happy Crafting!

Have you done any safety pin crafts recently? I am looking for some more safety pin jewelry. If you find any, or make some on your own, let me know. I love to see others creative juices flowing!

How to refinish picture frames for cheap


Ever noticed how expensive cute picture frames can be? No need to worry ladies, I’ve found the fix!

Turn this…


Inexpensive frame bought from Walmart.

Into this…


Refinished frame.

  Step-by-step directions to get this cute frame in your home!

Things You Need:

  1. any picture frame you wish to refinish
  2. glitter
  3. Mod Podge (Mod Podge Tips)
  4. spray adhesive
  5. decorative wooden frame (pictured below)

Here’s how to do it…

  • Take your decorative wooden frame and place it on a piece of paper (to collect the glitter). This is what the frame looks like. I bought mine from Michael’s and it was only $1. They had a variety of shapes and styles.


  • Then paint the wooden frame with a nice coat of Mod Podge. Then you can begin to slowly pour glitter on the frame. I did mine in sections just so I could manage the glitter.


  • After you have finished pouring the glitter onto the frame and you have shaken all the excess glitter off, you can seal the glitter coat with spray adhesive. I used Elmer’s Craft Bond – Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive.


  • Just spray a nice coat over the glitter and it will help to keep glitter from falling off of the frame. 
  • Lastly, you are going to use glue to attach your decorated wooden frame to the cheap Walmart frame. I used Craft Arte’s Amazing Goop.


  • You don’t have to use much glue; a little bit will go a long way. After you glue the decorated frame to the cheap one you end up with this!


So simple and so cute. And best of all, so cheap!

If glitter isn’t your thing, try painting the frames to match your room or your home!

Want more ways to refinish frames? Check out these posts!

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Happy Crafting!

What do the picture frames in your home look like? If you have any great frame refinishing ideas send them my way!