The perfect gift for any guy: bacon flowers

If you are like me, you love the holidays and celebrations. However, I hate having to shop for the men in my life! They are all so complicated to shop for! Recently, a friend introduced me to what I think just might be the perfect gift for any guy, and I am so excited to share it with you!

Drumroll, please…Bacon Flowers!


Men have it easy; when all else fails they can buy flowers! But woman don’t have that easy way out, at least we didn’t. But now we do!

Here are the step-by-step directions!


  1. thick cut bacon
  2. toothpicks
  3. fake roses- can be bought at Michaels
  4. broiler pan

First, roll the bacon slices with the fatty side, or thicker side, facing inwards. Then place toothpicks through the bacon in order to hold it together. You can then cook the bacon on a broiler pan according to the package, or until crisp.


Second, take your fake flowers and pull the flowers off the stems.

IMG_8401    IMG_2885

Lastly, place your cooked bacon buds on the stems where your flower petals used to be. I would recommend washing the stems before placing the bacon on them. No glue or anything is needed. The bacon buds should just fit right in!

And now your bacon flowers are finished! Try and create your very own bacon bouquet!

Get creative and make an even more lavish bacon bouquet! If you do, send me your pictures. I’d love to see your creativity!

Happy Crafting!