How to fix faux leather boots

There are two things I know to be certain. First, leather boots are expensive. Second, faux leather boots tatter easily.

I found a great way to fix your faux leather boots for extremely cheap!

IMG_3874 IMG_3889

On the left, my boots before I spruced them up. On the right, practically a new pair of boots!

Here’s what you need:

1. paint that matches the color of your boots

2. Modge Podge

3. 2 small paint brushes

First, you take one of your small brushes and paint a thin layer of Modge Podge on the site of the tears. The most important thing about this is to make sure you let the Modge Podge dry completely.

Second, mix your paint colors so that it will match your boots as closely as possible. Then paint multiple layers of the paint onto the tears. Do your best to blend the paint into the actual color of the boot so that no change in color is visible. Also, make sure to let this coat dry completely.

Lastly, paint a final coat of Modge Podge over the area you painted.

Let the boots dry and then they are like brand new!


Happy Winter and Happy Crafting!


How to make wooden picture plaques

Moving to college this year, I have had the opportunity to redecorate in a way that I never did at home. Also due to the fact that I am in college, I need to decorate on a budget! For people of all ages and incomes, decorating can be outrageously expensive! One of the greatest ways to decorate a room or home is with pictures of the people you love most. However, you hit a roadblock again because frames are so expensive. But there is a new and simple way to frame pictures that is becoming very popular. Wooden picture plaques are a great way to add zest to any room and can be done with very little money and time!


Here is what you will need:

  • 4×6 wooden plaques (They can be purchased at Michaels)
  • ModPodge
  • Amazing GOOP- Craft Arte (or any contact adhesive)
  • sponge brush
  • ribbon
  • 4×6 pictures
  • paint
  • sandpaper (If you have never used sandpaper, check out 5 Tips to Using Sandpaper.)

1. First, you need to paint your wooden plaques. I painted mine gray.

photo         photo

Let them dry completely before continuing to the next step.

2. I wanted a vintage or worn look to my wood so after I painted them I used some sandpaper to take away some of the paint. Here is what mine looked like after I used the sandpaper.


3. Now you are ready to glue the picture down. First, you need to apply a generous coat of ModPodge to the wood using a sponge brush. This is what mine looked like with the ModPodge.

photo   photo

Now go ahead and place your photo on the center of the plaque and apply another coat of ModPodge over the picture.


Apply ModPodge generously!

4. If you want to apply a second layer of ModPodge you can, but be sure that the first coat is COMPLETELY dry. Otherwise, the ModPodge will get clumpy. For even better results apply one coat ModPodge and one coat High Gloss Varnish.  Once again, make sure the ModPodge is totally dry before you apply the varnish.

This is the varnish I used. It will protect the paint from chipping and keep the color from fading.


*Make sure the ModPodge is completely dry before applying this.*

5. Now you are ready to attach the ribbon. Measure how you want your picture to hang so know how short/long to cut the ribbon. Mine were probably close to a foot long. Then, use Amazing Goop, or any strong adhesive, to glue the ribbon to the back on the plaques. Use a ruler to make sure you have the ribbon spaced out evenly on both sides.

photo     photo

6. Now just give them a couple hours to dry and then they are ready to go up on your walls!


If you want more picture plaque inspiration check out Stay at Home Who?

Show me what your finished picture plaques look like! I can’t wait to see them!

Happy Crafting!